Behind the picture:Tszyu 2, Father like Son

On a warm September 2019, Rockdale PCYC was the location to announce the fight between local Shire hero Jack Brubaker v the son of a legend Tim Tszyu.

Tszyu senior made this place home during his illustrious boxing career and like father like son Tszyu 2 followed in his rather large footsteps.
As we the media waited in the gym for the arrival of Tim as Jack was already in the gym at this point. There was talk that Kostya was also coming which added to the buzz in the room as we waited for the arrival.
As Kostya spends much of his time in Russia these days the uncertainty of if he would be there definitely added to the drama of the morning.
The Tszyu family arrives including the former world champion and proud dad Kostya.
Everything in the press conference went as expected then it was time for the father and son to entertain the media.
With a good 5 minutes of sparring and working on techniques it was a privilege to be there to see the bond between the two.

I purposely put myself on the far side of the famous Tszyu Boxing Academy sign and hoped to capture and cool image of the boxing family together.
Grandad, Dad and the prodigal son all in the one frame. The even more famous Kostya haircut slotted in too.

It’s moments like these make me fall more in love with sport photography every day.

Especially now as the world waits for moments like these to entertain all of us again.

Til next time


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