Sunset over New York

It was summer 2012 and a heat wave ripped through New York. I was only there for a few days and had a few must shoot locations on the list.
One of them was the famous Empire State Building, made even more famous at the time due to the Jay Z song Empire State of Mind. So there was a little extra incentive to get it.
The trick is to not take the tour up the Empire State Building because it’s pretty hard to photograph a building that you’re standing on. But to go up the adjacent Rockefeller Building, which gives you a perfect shot.
So I hit the Rockefeller building in the afternoon, you pay a fee and you can get to the viewing platform on the roof. A great idea for tourists like myself with a camera.

I wanted to shoot the afternoon light into the nighttime so I was prepared for a few hours up there.
It got quite packed as you’d imagine and the heat and humidity was just awful. Made worse by the shoulder to shoulder that was going on. But I managed to grab a great view of the skyline and despite the uncomfortableness held my ground during the duration of the natures own light show.
It was was of the best experiences of my life to be there during sunset into twilight, and the series of pictures here will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.
If there’s a place of something out there you really want to photograph I can’t recommend it enough to just go for it. The satisfaction on the day and many years later is just amazing.

Til next time!


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