Bundeena and the highs and lows

It was only a few days ago I was high as a kite after shooting one of my best ever pictures. Sunrise over the Figure 8 pools shown below. Bundeena is a awesome spot, with a holiday town feel but still in Sydney. It’s a perfect mix of a Coastal Town and Sydney suburbia andContinue reading “Bundeena and the highs and lows”

Figure 8 Pools

I never thought I was scared of the dark, but that theory changed quick smart this morning at 5am and about 20 meters into the dark of night on the lonely bush track that leads to the Figure 8 pools in the National Park. After the sounds of something seemingly bigger than me rustling inContinue reading “Figure 8 Pools”

The Beautiful Camden, NSW

It’s hard not to mention the town of Camden when I’m talking about my favourite places to shoot. It also just happens to be my old hometown. So I have put together some of my favourite pictures from my travels this year. I hope you like them. Around a hours drive South west of theContinue reading “The Beautiful Camden, NSW”

Cronulla 17th December

After a few pretty hazy weeks due to the bush fires taking over our state of NSW, it was nice to be able to shoot a few blue sky pictures today down at Cronulla. Fingers crossed for some better weather conditions so our city and state can enjoy a safe summer ahead. All the bestContinue reading “Cronulla 17th December”

Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.

A simple little trick to get more out of your shoots is to use selective focus. The idea behind selective focus is that instead of trying to shoot the whole scene with everything in focus, you “select” which part of the scene you would like in focus. Giving a more interesting take on a otherwiseContinue reading “Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.”

The Talented Melissa Wu

I recently had the chance to photograph the highly talented and 3 time Olympian and 10 meter diver Melissa Wu with guest appearance by superstar weightlifting Coach Josh Wu, as she launched her awesome new Activewear label Havok. Born out of the desire to dream big and live life to the fullest, it was aContinue reading “The Talented Melissa Wu”

The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.

Burning palms is one of the best beaches in Sydney. You might just don’t know about it yet. Tucked away in the royal national park it’s pretty hard to get to, but mostly secluded due to the effort to get there. It’s right next to the more famous firgue 8 pool and I’d say because of thatContinue reading “The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.”

Mastering Silhouettes

There something pretty cool about a silhouette photo. When done well it can look awesome and leave you feeling like a hero.But done poorly it can look off and leave you feeling your photography has gone backwards. It’s kind of like a painting that’s hanging on the wall but it tilts too far to theContinue reading “Mastering Silhouettes”

Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Andrew Gaze

It was game 2 of a 3 game semi final series. The Sydney Kings needed to win to keep their season alive against the old foe Melbourne United. A loss would not only end the quest for championship glory, but it would also be the last game as coach for the great Andrew Gaze, whoContinue reading “Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Andrew Gaze”

Newtown and The Great Escape. 2019 Grand Final winners.

The Newtown Jets comeback in the State Championship against the Burleigh Bears this year with Jackson Ferris scoring off a kick in the final seconds, was one of the most unbelievable Grand Final finishes I have ever seen or shot. After playing pretty well in the second half, they seemed to be closing the gapContinue reading “Newtown and The Great Escape. 2019 Grand Final winners.”