Bulgo Beach Track in the Royal National Park

The Bulgo beach track is a awesome and a relatively easy hike in the National Park. Off Lady Wakehurst Drive just south of the Royal National Park in NSW. It’s about a 2 hour return trip from the road and much easier than the Burning Palms and Figure 8 pool track that is just toContinue reading “Bulgo Beach Track in the Royal National Park”

Behind the Picture:New York “City on Fire”

I’v taken many a picture in my lifetime and I’d have to say that this is my favorite. It also happens to be in my favorite city besides Sydney, NYC. It is indeed the city that never sleeps.The chaos and excitement of being in NYC is something I think everyone should experience in their lifetime.Continue reading “Behind the Picture:New York “City on Fire””

Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach

Tucked away in the heartĀ of the Royal National Park and just after the infamous Wedding Cake Rock is two perfect little beaches. Little Marley and big Marley beach, side by side and both highly secluded they are well worth the trip into the park. A pretty easy walk south after Wedding cake rock and inContinue reading “Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach”

Behind the picture #1 Cronulla Reflections

My first of the Behind the picture series and I hope to add many more over the years. So here we go. It can normally be quite hard to get a perfect reflection photograph when shooting in the ocean. The beaches in Cronulla are a surf beach which means it has a pretty steady streamContinue reading “Behind the picture #1 Cronulla Reflections”

Grand Canyon Walk, Blue Mountains NSW

As I’m just discovering the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW, it was awesome to make the trek yesterday to the Grand Canyon Walk. It’s around a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney and if you follow the signs to the Grand Canyon or the Evans lookout you’ll hit it pretty easy. I left home pre sunriseContinue reading “Grand Canyon Walk, Blue Mountains NSW”

Bundeena and the highs and lows

It was only a few days ago I was high as a kite after shooting one of my best ever pictures. Sunrise over the Figure 8 pools shown below. Bundeena is a awesome spot, with a holiday town feel but still in Sydney. It’s a perfect mix of a Coastal Town and Sydney suburbia andContinue reading “Bundeena and the highs and lows”

The Beautiful Camden, NSW

It’s hard not to mention the town of Camden when I’m talking about my favourite places to shoot. It also just happens to be my old hometown. So I have put together some of my favourite pictures from my travels this year. I hope you like them. Around a hours drive South west of theContinue reading “The Beautiful Camden, NSW”

Cronulla 17th December

After a few pretty hazy weeks due to the bush fires taking over our state of NSW, it was nice to be able to shoot a few blue sky pictures today down at Cronulla. Fingers crossed for some better weather conditions so our city and state can enjoy a safe summer ahead. All the bestContinue reading “Cronulla 17th December”

The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.

Burning palms is one of the best beaches in Sydney. You might just don’t know about it yet. Tucked away in the royal national park it’s pretty hard to get to, but mostly secluded due to the effort to get there. It’s right next to the more famous firgue 8 pool and I’d say because of thatContinue reading “The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.”

Mastering Silhouettes

There something pretty cool about a silhouette photo. When done well it can look awesome and leave you feeling like a hero.But done poorly it can look off and leave you feeling your photography has gone backwards. It’s kind of like a painting that’s hanging on the wall but it tilts too far to theContinue reading “Mastering Silhouettes”