The Beautiful Hyams Beach, NSW

In around about 2 hours drive from Sydney, you can hit one of the best beaches I’v ever seen in.

Hyams Beach is apart of the Jervis Bay coast and the City of Shoalhaven, it also has some of the whitest sand you could ever come across. I took a trip down the coast in the Winter of 2017 and looking back at these pictures I can still feel the icy chill of the water as I stepped into the ocean.

But with the shallow depth of the shore and the deep blues skies it made for some awesome shooting, made even better by the early light and low hanging sun.

I wish I was there a little earlier to make more use of the sun and shooting back into the morning sunrise with some nice clean waves coming through. But I still had some great opportunities there as the conditions were just perfect.

Also being a weekday and in winter I had the whole beach to myself and could really make the best of the location as far as getting some cool landscapes shots, added by not having to shoot around other beach goers.

If you haven’t been to this most beautiful beach I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a pretty short drive from Sydney so close enough. It’s well worth adding it to the list that’s for sure.

Til next time


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