Coffs Harbour and the Commonwealth Games 2018

This time 2 years ago, Australia and the Gold Coast hosted the Commonwealth Games.
It was always something that I wanted to photograph so in April 2018 I headed up the Coast from Sydney on a road trip.
The end goal was to hit the Gold Coast in time to shoot some events, but the road to the GC was always about the journey there.
Around halfway from Sydney is Coffs Harbour so that was my pit stop for the night after leaving Sydney in the afternoon.
I arrived at the hotel at Coffs around 10pm, slept off some weary road trip legs and hit the beach at first light.
A short walk across the road to the beach and in perfect morning light and a sky that was full of blue.
No one in sight and it couldn’t have been better. The coast line is just beautiful, this beach is called Park beach, and with some cool looking rock islands just off the shore it made for some awesome shooting. I also had time to hit the water with my GoPro and with some early light shooting back into the waves it gave some dramatic light that comes with aiming into the sun.
Shooting on the shore with my 70-200ml lens the in the water with the wide angle GoPro gave two quite different looks of the same beach.

I regret not waking up a little earlier to get a better sunrise picture, but after working all day and driving for 6 hours the day before, those tiered eyes Coast me a few minutes on the snooze.
I’m really happy with the series of pictures all the same and made it back to one of the cool cafes opposite the beach for the customary coffee and bacon and egg rolls.
Job done and I was back on the road to the Gold Coast.

As always sometimes the road to the mission is equally as good as the final destination.
I can’t recommend enough a trip to the beautiful beaches at Coffs Harbour and I’ll get back there one day myself. Hopefully I’ll make it for sunrise too!

Til next time!


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