Behind the picture #1 Cronulla Reflections

My first of the Behind the picture series and I hope to add many more over the years. So here we go.

It can normally be quite hard to get a perfect reflection photograph when shooting in the ocean.

The beaches in Cronulla are a surf beach which means it has a pretty steady stream of waves coming in. So with the waves it pretty much cancels out and good reflection photo as you need the water as still as you’d see in a lake or a rock pool. So you need some lucky to get a nice break in the waves and also having a cool sunset or sunrise at that same time.

But on the 16th of January 2013, I caught a lucky break and in a few moments the water turned to glass. So I hopped in the ankle deep water of Wanda beach and carefully crouched down mindful to not disturb the waters, and aimed towards the southern end of Cronulla and the beautiful red sunset.

Shot on my Canon 1D at f/22 and 1/6 sec 100 ISO.
By closing down my aperture to f/22 it allowed for a slow shutter speed, which tends to add to reflection as opposed to a faster shutter speed that would freeze the water.
Sometimes you get lucky and on the 16th we did just that.

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