Behind the picture #1 Cronulla Reflections

My first of the Behind the picture series and I hope to add many more over the years. So here we go. It can normally be quite hard to get a perfect reflection photograph when shooting in the ocean. The beaches in Cronulla are a surf beach which means it has a pretty steady streamContinue reading “Behind the picture #1 Cronulla Reflections”

The famous Wanda Sandhills and Arthur Ave

The famous Wanda Sandhills in Southern Sydney. Just a little north of Cronulla beach, Sydney, NSW In the the NRL off season you’ll find many a player running up these hills. Athletes both professional and amateur look to destroy their legs and lungs by running up these mountains throughout there year. But it is alsoContinue reading “The famous Wanda Sandhills and Arthur Ave”

Lilli Pilli and new beginings

As the Corona Virus makes its way through our City’s and hometowns, I’m doing my best to beat cabin fever like everyone else.So now is the time to dig through the archives and share some of my pictures and stories behind them.Back in late 2016 I tore my right ACL which required a knee reconstruction.OnlyContinue reading “Lilli Pilli and new beginings”

Cronulla 17th December

After a few pretty hazy weeks due to the bush fires taking over our state of NSW, it was nice to be able to shoot a few blue sky pictures today down at Cronulla. Fingers crossed for some better weather conditions so our city and state can enjoy a safe summer ahead. All the bestContinue reading “Cronulla 17th December”

Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.

A simple little trick to get more out of your shoots is to use selective focus. The idea behind selective focus is that instead of trying to shoot the whole scene with everything in focus, you “select” which part of the scene you would like in focus. Giving a more interesting take on a otherwiseContinue reading “Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.”