Bridge’s of The Sutherland Shire

There’s something beautiful about a well des bridge, besides the fact that they take you from A to B. The shapes and the structure of each individual bridge, they all have their own personalities and with a great angle and some great light they can really add to a awesome photograph. Living in Sydney atContinue reading “Bridge’s of The Sutherland Shire”

The best of The Blue Mountains

If you haven’t been to the beautiful Blue Mountains in Western Sydney, NSW then you are missing out. Especially if you live within driving distance of the amazing mountains. Named after the blue haze that surrounds the mountains due to the many eucalyptus trees there that emit a blue cast, the Blue Mountains are aContinue reading “The best of The Blue Mountains”

The Bridges of Sydney

Sydney is home to many great looking bridges. Some you can walk over and some you can drive over. And if you are a train user you’ll probably cross some via rain too. They all are great to photograph in their own way, and with so many different angles and times of day it isContinue reading “The Bridges of Sydney”

Sydney’s best Day Trips

By far my favourite thing to do is to go on a mini adventure and take some pictures. I’ve been doing it since a teenager and I’ll continue to until I can’t hold a camera.These lockdowns we have been through and are currently in has definitely put a dampener on that, and it’s the thingContinue reading “Sydney’s best Day Trips”

Luc Longley, Andrew Bogut and The Boomers

As a lifelong basketball fan it’s been just awesome watching our latest Australian team The Boomers play in the Tokyo Olympics at the moment. I grew up playing basketball in South Western Sydney back in the 90’s, during the peak time of basketball in our country Michael Jordan was a global superstar and locally itContinue reading “Luc Longley, Andrew Bogut and The Boomers”

Tips on Shooting a Sunrise

With the tight restrictions going on in Sydney at the moment, there’s not too many opportunities to get out and take some pictures. So I’m fortunate enough to live so close to the beautiful Royal National Park in southern Sydney and shot s few pictures of a early morning sunrise during the week on myContinue reading “Tips on Shooting a Sunrise”

Pools of the Sea

A little while ago I started a Pools of the Sea project, where I planned on shooting 100 rocks pools. A cool idea and a great chance to travel around and shoot some cool rock pools. It turned out a little harder than I thought as there aren’t as many around Sydney as I firstContinue reading “Pools of the Sea”

Circle of Life:The trees of Camden

It’s probably one of the longest projects I’ve taken on, but also one of the more enjoyable ones too.There is a beautiful row of trees on the drive into the town of Camden, NSW and after driving past them and occasionally take a few pictures over the course of my career.I thought it would beContinue reading “Circle of Life:The trees of Camden”

How I shot the Super Red Moon

Last weeks Super Blood Moon in Sydney. It doesn’t happen too often when you get both an eclipse and a blood moon. So I guess that’s why they call it a super blood moon. It was my first time attempting either an eclipse or a blood moon so I was interested to see how easyContinue reading “How I shot the Super Red Moon”

Colours of Canberra

Back in the early 2000’s I was lucky enough to live in work in out National Capital. More specifically I worked the in press gallery in Parliament House, it was a awesome time and many a day was spent chasing after politicians and their many events. Being a little younger and not at a timeContinue reading “Colours of Canberra”