Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach

Tucked away in the heartĀ of the Royal National Park and just after the infamous Wedding Cake Rock is two perfect little beaches. Little Marley and big Marley beach, side by side and both highly secluded they are well worth the trip into the park. A pretty easy walk south after Wedding cake rock and inContinue reading “Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach”

Bundeena and the highs and lows

It was only a few days ago I was high as a kite after shooting one of my best ever pictures. Sunrise over the Figure 8 pools shown below. Bundeena is a awesome spot, with a holiday town feel but still in Sydney. It’s a perfect mix of a Coastal Town and Sydney suburbia andContinue reading “Bundeena and the highs and lows”

The Beautiful Camden, NSW

It’s hard not to mention the town of Camden when I’m talking about my favourite places to shoot. It also just happens to be my old hometown. So I have put together some of my favourite pictures from my travels this year. I hope you like them. Around a hours drive South west of theContinue reading “The Beautiful Camden, NSW”

Sydney Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year where the City comes alive with the Christmas spirit. I love heading in to the big smoke to the Sydney CBD at the best of times, but this time of year it’s a little bit better.In honor of the big tree going up this week in Martin Place here areContinue reading “Sydney Christmas Tree”

Eagle Rock

If you enjoy photographing cool things in Sydney or just like a good hike, it’s hard to ignore Eagle Rock in the Royal National Park, Sydney,NSW. From the car park at Wattamolla Beach it’s around a 3 km easy walk and about a 2 hour return trip back to the car. It’s mainly flat withContinue reading “Eagle Rock”

Bronte Beach, NSW

In lieu of today’s chilly weather, I thought it would be nice to visit a recent trip to one of my favourite beaches in Sydney, Bronte beach. It’s on the same strip of coastline as the more famous Bondi beach, but it comes with its own distinct landscape. It’s probably more well known in recentContinue reading “Bronte Beach, NSW”

Garie Beach

Garie Beach in the Royal National Park, it’s around a hour drive from the Sydney City CBD. From the top of the Princess Highway it’s around a 30 minute drive to the well sign posted Garie Beach. Driving south, it’s not long after the Bundeena turnoff. You can drive straight into the car park afterContinue reading “Garie Beach”