Hanging Rock, The Blue Mountains

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains, is one of the more awesome sights I’v yet to come across. Located in Blackheath at the western end of the Mountains, with about a 5km hike inland, houses just a fascinating sight. Hanging Rock, I’d say named as it looks, as it gives theContinue reading “Hanging Rock, The Blue Mountains”

Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park

Deep in the heart of the Royal National Park in Sydney lies one of my favorite hikes and subjects to photograph.The Figure 8 Pools can only be seen and accessed during low tide, so if you’re thinking of heading out it’s best to follow the tide via the National Parks website.There’s a few different waysContinue reading “Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park”

Behind the Picture:New York “City on Fire”

I’v taken many a picture in my lifetime and I’d have to say that this is my favorite. It also happens to be in my favorite city besides Sydney, NYC. It is indeed the city that never sleeps.The chaos and excitement of being in NYC is something I think everyone should experience in their lifetime.Continue reading “Behind the Picture:New York “City on Fire””

Foo Fighters live at Channel V 2005

The best part about being a photographer is getting paid to go to things that you’d do for free. It’s a privilege to be able to do this for a job and with times likes these at the moment I’m even more grateful for everything I have been able to do. My favorite band inContinue reading “Foo Fighters live at Channel V 2005”

Sydney Kings V Melbourne United Semi Final Game 1

In what was probably the best game of Basketball I have ever seen live, the Sydney Kings came from 16 down in the 4th quarter to go 1-0 in the best of 3 NBL 2019-2020 semi finals. I almost missed all of the fun pictures as I was up the Melbourne end in the 4th.Continue reading “Sydney Kings V Melbourne United Semi Final Game 1”

Secret Garden Festival

It’s been 12 months this week since the last of the super cool and a little crazy Secret Garden Festival was on. I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the last 3 of those years so I have put together my little tribute to the madness. Held on the outskirts of Camden, NSWContinue reading “Secret Garden Festival”

Figure 8 Pools

I never thought I was scared of the dark, but that theory changed quick smart this morning at 5am and about 20 meters into the dark of night on the lonely bush track that leads to the Figure 8 pools in the National Park. After the sounds of something seemingly bigger than me rustling inContinue reading “Figure 8 Pools”

Cronulla 17th December

After a few pretty hazy weeks due to the bush fires taking over our state of NSW, it was nice to be able to shoot a few blue sky pictures today down at Cronulla. Fingers crossed for some better weather conditions so our city and state can enjoy a safe summer ahead. All the bestContinue reading “Cronulla 17th December”

Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.

A simple little trick to get more out of your shoots is to use selective focus. The idea behind selective focus is that instead of trying to shoot the whole scene with everything in focus, you “select” which part of the scene you would like in focus. Giving a more interesting take on a otherwiseContinue reading “Selective Focus and how to get more out of your shoots.”

The Talented Melissa Wu

I recently had the chance to photograph the highly talented and 3 time Olympian and 10 meter diver Melissa Wu with guest appearance by superstar weightlifting Coach Josh Wu, as she launched her awesome new Activewear label Havok. Born out of the desire to dream big and live life to the fullest, it was aContinue reading “The Talented Melissa Wu”