Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach

Tucked away in the heart of the Royal National Park and just after the infamous Wedding Cake Rock is two perfect little beaches. Little Marley and big Marley beach, side by side and both highly secluded they are well worth the trip into the park. A pretty easy walk south after Wedding cake rock and inContinue reading “Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach”

Grand Canyon USA and a lucky ride

Back in 2012 I was in Las Vegas and had some time to kill. After spotting a street vendor on the famous strip selling a night time tour of the Grand Canyon I was debating whether it was real or not. Trusting my hard earned cash on a guy on the strip felt like aContinue reading “Grand Canyon USA and a lucky ride”

Lilli Pilli and new beginings

As the Corona Virus makes its way through our City’s and hometowns, I’m doing my best to beat cabin fever like everyone else.So now is the time to dig through the archives and share some of my pictures and stories behind them.Back in late 2016 I tore my right ACL which required a knee reconstruction.OnlyContinue reading “Lilli Pilli and new beginings”

Figure 8 Pools

I never thought I was scared of the dark, but that theory changed quick smart this morning at 5am and about 20 meters into the dark of night on the lonely bush track that leads to the Figure 8 pools in the National Park. After the sounds of something seemingly bigger than me rustling inContinue reading “Figure 8 Pools”

The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.

Burning palms is one of the best beaches in Sydney. You might just don’t know about it yet. Tucked away in the royal national park it’s pretty hard to get to, but mostly secluded due to the effort to get there. It’s right next to the more famous firgue 8 pool and I’d say because of thatContinue reading “The spectacular Burning Palms Beach.”