Colours of Canberra

Back in the early 2000’s I was lucky enough to live in work in out National Capital. More specifically I worked the in press gallery in Parliament House, it was a awesome time and many a day was spent chasing after politicians and their many events. Being a little younger and not at a timeContinue reading “Colours of Canberra”

Camden and it’s beautiful trees

By far my favorite street to photograph, Camden Valley Way in beautiful Camden, NSW. Located about an hours drive from the City and in Sydney’s South West lies this awesome row of trees that really comes to life in Autumn. They look great all year round but this time of year is really their timeContinue reading “Camden and it’s beautiful trees”

North Sydney’s perfect view of Sydney’s CBD

By far one of my favorite views of the Sydney skyline is from Cremorne Point in North Sydney. It’s a beautiful spot with such a clear view of the Sydney CBD and one that is definitely worth checking out. It’s a rare view of the Sydney CBD, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney HarbourContinue reading “North Sydney’s perfect view of Sydney’s CBD”

Sydney’s The Rocks Part 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve headed to the awesome and historic Sydney’s The Rocks. I should have not waited so long because I forgot how beautiful it is to photograph there. One of Sydney’s oldest sights The Rocks is just full of great photography opportunities. With a cool mixture of old Sydney and new SydneyContinue reading “Sydney’s The Rocks Part 1”

Beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunrise

I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment to find the best angles of our fair city. I’m really grateful to grow up and work in a awesome city like Sydney, with so much to do and photograph it’s just been the best. I’ve always lived on the south side of the HarbourContinue reading “Beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunrise”

Sydney sunrise over Kurnell, NSW

It might be more known for the landing of Captain Cook, but Kurnell in Sydney’s South and a 10 minute drive from Cronulla is a pretty awesome spot for some morning photography. With views of the City and being more of a bay than a wave beach it adds to some cool reflections too. We’veContinue reading “Sydney sunrise over Kurnell, NSW”

Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains NSW

Yesterday morning I headed out to one of my favourite places in Sydney, the awesome Blue Mountains.I thought I’d go chase some waterfalls, as it’s something I’m really focused on at the moment. And hoping to improve my long exposure photography. No better place to start than the Katoomba Falls. Located just a couple ofContinue reading “Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains NSW”

Bombo Rock Quarry

During the week I headed out to the Bombo Rock Quarry. It’s about an hours drive south of Sydney and just before Kiama.Bombo is a pretty small suburb so it can be easy to drive past when you’re headed for a south coast road trip, but the detour to the awesome site is definitely worthContinue reading “Bombo Rock Quarry”

Hanging Rock, The Blue Mountains

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains, is one of the more awesome sights I’v yet to come across. Located in Blackheath at the western end of the Mountains, with about a 5km hike inland, houses just a fascinating sight. Hanging Rock, I’d say named as it looks, as it gives theContinue reading “Hanging Rock, The Blue Mountains”

Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park

Deep in the heart of the Royal National Park in Sydney lies one of my favorite hikes and subjects to photograph.The Figure 8 Pools can only be seen and accessed during low tide, so if you’re thinking of heading out it’s best to follow the tide via the National Parks website.There’s a few different waysContinue reading “Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park”