The famous Wanda Sandhills and Arthur Ave

The famous Wanda Sandhills in Southern Sydney. Just a little north of Cronulla beach, Sydney, NSW

In the the NRL off season you’ll find many a player running up these hills. Athletes both professional and amateur look to destroy their legs and lungs by running up these mountains throughout there year. But it is also a photographers paradise with many a beautiful backdrop, as long as you can handle the climb, it can make way for a photo shoot like no other in Sydney.

2013 was the year and I had the privilege to photograph the super talented Natasha Dwyer’s label Arthur Ave alongside the stunning Katherine Soames with hair and makeup by the lovely Amy Cain.

A pre sunrise start was needed to use the sandhills to their full effect as the light moves pretty quick out there. In the space of 60 minutes you can go from glorious yellow and reds of sunrise to the hard blue skies and bright reflective sand.

I used a mixture of flash and no flash as the light changed throughout the shoot, and alternating between the two we were able to achieve some different looking pictures in a relatively short amount of time.

It takes a lot of things to go right on a shoot like this and we were lucky that everything came together just perfect and it still remains one of my favourite ever shoots. I thank everyone who came together to make a cool piece of history for us all.

Til next time


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