Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park just South of Sydney City. It has to be one of the most infamous sites in NSW. With many a visitor and tourist trying to grab the best shot or a selfie with the famous rock.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the sight of it and it’s quite remarkable to look at. Over the years people has used the Rock for a social media photo and due to dangers of being so close to the edge and the ocean, the National Park has put up a fence around it to deter people from getting too close. It’s a risk that people have been willing to take, but now with massive fines it’s best to play it safe and shoot from the other side of the fence.

To get to the site, first head to the Royal National Park, which is around a hour drive from the CBD in Sydney. Then the closest access is via a 3km walk along the Coast Track from Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock. The walk takes around a hour so be prepared and pack and dress accordingly for the trek. But it’s also one of my favorite hikes in Sydney and well worth the visit.

Shot on my trusty Canon 1DX with a 16-35mm lens.


6 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Rock

  1. Hello Chris.
    Nice to see you are branching out into another field, other than just Instagram.
    Liked the blog on Wedding Cake Rock! Had been meaning to get there myself one day. But now the fence is there!
    I noticed this must be your first time using WordPress! At the end of the blog, is the introduction page. I had made the same mistake, and it took me ages to get rid of it! This website/blog thing is a sharp learning curve.
    Regards Ralph


    1. Hi Ralph, awesome thanks so much for checking it out! Yes definitely I’m a rookie here so very much learning as we go.
      It’s a little tricky to sort out but I’ll check that out and see what I can fix.
      But I appreciate the feedback.
      Hope you’re well too!


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