Wedding Cake Rock to Little Marley Beach

Tucked away in the heart of the Royal National Park and just after the infamous Wedding Cake Rock is two perfect little beaches. Little Marley and big Marley beach, side by side and both highly secluded they are well worth the trip into the park.

A pretty easy walk south after Wedding cake rock and in around 45 minutes. It’s along a mixture of dirt tracks and the man made walkway.

To get to Wedding Cake Rock see here

It’s a pretty big days hike from Bundeena past Wedding cake and all the way to Marley beach. It took me around 4 hours for the return trip so you want to be prepared for that and definitely pack a lunch and supplies.
But once you’re there you’ll be hit with one of the best beaches you’ll ever see.


It’s pretty cool having the two beaches side by side in the middle of the bush and the far beach Little Marley is more like a bay than a wave beach. So if you don’t feel like a swim in the waves of big Marley, just a short walk over the rocks and you have the chance to swim in a little wave less beach.
The walk there and back is really scenic and with so many great opportunities to take pictures it’s one of my favorite hikes in all of Sydney. As long as you’re prepared for a long hike you’ll be sorted and safe.

Shot with my Canon 1D and the wave shots are with my favourite GoPro.

Til next time!


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