New York Love

It’s hard not to mention my photography and New York as they are somewhat intertwined.

Back in 2009 after 12 years in the industry, I was going through a period where I was simply burned out and was questioning whether or not I would continue in my career or move on to something else.

At the same time I also had a trip planned with childhood friends to America, taking in New York, LA, Vegas and Dallas.
With the before mentioned questions, I decided to not take my real camera and simply put a super low res digital camera in my bag just in case. With no real intention of taking pictures but just enjoying a holiday.
I was also hoping for life to give me some answers too.

It was the American Winter of 2009 and first stop was LA and also my first time on American soil. And in the first 24 hours there we were hustled by someone at the Airport after they wanted money after we asked which way to the taxi rank, then back at our hotel and almost ended up in some gang fight at the hotel bar. If you want more I’ll tell you when I see you.

After a couple of interesting days there it was off to New York.

After a flight then a bus trip to the City, we caught a cab to our hotel. It seemed a lot of driving by our new friend with a $50 fair, but we eventually made it to our hotel late at night.
Up early the next day to see the sights of the Big Apple we noticed that our hotel was about 100m from where our taxi picked us up from the night before. I guess he wanted us to see the sights.
So many a lessened learned so far!

Anyway back to the story, it was hard to not be amazed by the City Skyline, the beautiful Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the buzz of the city was just remarkable. A pretty far cry for a couple of suburban kids from Sydney.

But it was in those wanderings I was really kicking myself for not bringing my main camera. Whilst aiming my 1 meg compact camera at the Statue of Liberty sunset, I then realized how much I love taking pictures and also how much those early digital cameras sucked!

I vowed to return again and have a crack at this amazing city, this time with a camera that will do it justice.
Sometimes in life, you don’t lose the love you just need to find a new perspective.
My love of photography was restored as I entered the next phase of my career. My journey was back on track.

Here are the pictures from the return trip in 2012. I’ll share more about this one another time:)

Til next time!


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