Bundeena and the highs and lows

It was only a few days ago I was high as a kite after shooting one of my best ever pictures. Sunrise over the Figure 8 pools shown below.

Bundeena is a awesome spot, with a holiday town feel but still in Sydney. It’s a perfect mix of a Coastal Town and Sydney suburbia and is a great place to visit and photograph all year long. Today being the first day of the decade I was hoping to recapture that feeling from a few days ago with a Sunrise picture from Bundeena in Sydney’s South.

But with some heavy cloud cover it wasn’t to be. So I still shot some cool pictures of the first day of the year, but it was hardly worth the 4am wake up and I can’t help but feeling a little disappointed in the trek.
But it’s days and moments like these that make the days that you pull off something awesome a million times better.

Just like in life, the highs and lows of photography can be dramatic but you just have to ask yourself is the ride worth it.

The answer here is 100%. I’ll be back there again soon and I’m sure to effort will pay off.
Keep turning up, and through the law of averages and persistence the highs will be right around the corner.

Til next time


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