Woronora Dam hits 87% Capacity

Last weeks visit out to the pretty awesome Woronora Dam in Southern Sydney. Located just past Helensburg and just before the start of Wollongong with access just off the Princess Highway NSW. I’v shot a fair few dams in my travels and there is something pretty unique and dam sites.

They have a little bit of a lost world feel to them and always offer up many great opportunity’s for some cool photos and plenty to see and shoot.

As with this one, Woronora Dam it’s pretty rare that you’ll see many other people there even tho they are open to the public. So you really get a free rein to roam and shoot to your hearts delight.

Even better with beautiful Sydney Autumn light and with the recent floods to NSW the damn was up around the 87% mark which is great all round. The Woronora Dam services people from the Sutherland Shire and with the dam at these heights it’s great from the city and locals alike.

So if you are looking for things to do in Sydney, and something a little different, I’d definitely recommend a trip out to the Woronora and to get your camera out and take some pictures. There are plenty of great areas to also stroll around and even have a picnic too.

But as always I’ll have my camera at the ready even if I’m picnicking.

Til next time!


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