Beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunrise

I’m on a bit of a mission at the moment to find the best angles of our fair city.

I’m really grateful to grow up and work in a awesome city like Sydney, with so much to do and photograph it’s just been the best.

I’ve always lived on the south side of the Harbour Bridge, so I’m now checking out what the North side view is all about.
So I headed out to Blues Point Reserve in McMahons Point, North Sydney to shoot sunrise and see what’s happening.

The view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House is just amazing. One of the best angles of those two I’ve been to yet.

But as far as the CBD goes it wasn’t as clean a view as other locations, the main problem being an obstructed view of the Sydney Tower Eye.No picture of the Sydney skyline is complete without it.
So it’s definitely a great location especially of the Sydney Harbour bridge but the search continues for the best Sydney CBD skyline pic.

Til next time!


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